Explore a public school environment based on respect
for every child and adult’s limitless possibilities!

 It’s high time to rethink what equity looks like in public schools, and buck the notion that children from low income urban neighborhoods need top down, regimented, standardized, “back to basics” approaches.  Unlike most of their public school peers, Mission Hill teachers have control of their curriculum, and a say in most aspects of school life.  At this Boston public school academics connect to experiences, empathy and exploration are valued, and children with diverse abilities and backgrounds flourish. There are no panaceas, but much can be achieved when teachers have the freedom to teach, plus the support to keep growing.  Expect laughter, tears, singing and fresh baked bread.

Expanding on their internet series, A Year At Mission Hill, in GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL the filmmakers of AUGUST TO JUNE: Bringing Life To School, give us an intimate look at the inner workings of a successful urban school, to further inspire our thinking about what meaningful education entails.  Click here for information on purchasing a DVD that includes both A Year At Mission Hill and GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL!

“There are powerful schools and programs across the country doing incredible work to unite research and practice and help young people engage meaningfully in their education.  Young people, educators, community leaders, and other key actors are ready for this different story to be told.”
Scott Nine, Institute for Democratic Education in America (IDEA)