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Thanks to:
these organizations that allowed us to film their work:
826 Boston
Urban Improv

these individuals who gave us unstinting encouragement and guidance:
Brenda Engel
Jay Featherstone
Helen Featherstone
Deborah Meier

and of course the entire Mission Hill Community, and especially the staff, who were ever patient with our tripods and microphones interrupting their days:

Ann Adams   Geri Bargar   Jada Brown   Courtney Bruno   Betsy Caruso   Dani Coleman   Rosalind Dailey               Kathy Clunis D’Andrea   Joni Davies   Sarah DeCruz   Ayla Gavins   JoAnne Hawkesworth   Nakia Keiser   Carol Knox   Georgie Marks   James McGovern   Amina Michel-Lord   Letta Neely   Jeanne Rachko   Aubrey Rubin   Ann Ruggiero   Emily Schubin   Melissa Tonachel   Ann Trecker   Jacob Wheeler   Jenerra Williams   Donna Winder

  “A YEAR AT MISSION HILL” internet series CREDITS:
Narrator: Sam Chaltain
Titles: Jesse Achtenberg
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Chapter 5 Chinese music performed by Zhantao Lin
Chapter 10  ON CHILDREN Text adapted from “The Prophet: On Children” by Kahlil  Gibran; Music by Ysaye M. Barnwell  ©1981 BMI / Harry Fox Agency.

Thanks to:
Ashoka Start Empathy
The Institute For Democratic Education in America (IDEA)
NOVO Foundation
Dana Bennis
Sam Chaltain
David Loitz
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