Mission Hill receives an Extraordinary Achievement Award!

At the 2017 Teacher-Powered National Conference (in Los Angeles this year on January 27th-29th) Mission Hill School is receiving their Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative Extraordinary Achievement Award!  Teacher Jenerra Williams will be there to accept the award.  They will be showing both Good Morning Mission Hill and A Year at Mission Hill, as part of honoring the school.  Tom and Amy Valens will join Jenerra for conversation after the screenings.

The Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative supports teacher-led schools. Mission Hill has been in their sights for several years.  They visited the school in 2010 for their book Trusting Teachers With School Success: What Happens When Teachers Call the Shots.  The book’s author, Kim Farris-Berg, wrote several pieces inspired by A Year at Mission Hill during the spring of 2013 when the episodes first aired.

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