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GOOD MORNING MISSION HILL’s public TV broadcasts currently add up to over 460 airdates on 154 channels across 29 states, covering 50% of the US. After Spring 2017 we will not be able to track TV broadcasts, but we know they will continue in many of these markets through 2018, so consult your local station for possible airing dates.  Use the back arrow to see the many broadcasts both of our films have already had, and for stations likely to rebroadcast.

Now is a great time to plan community screenings to get alternatives to the testing mania onto the political agenda!  Go here to schedule screenings for your community group or institution!

In January 2017 co-producer Amy Valens joined Mission Hill principal Ayla Gavins, and teacher Jenerra Williams to show both the film and the series at the 2017 Teacher-Powered National Conference Los Angeles where Mission Hill received the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative Extraordinary Achievement Award.  In the past two years Good Morning Mission Hill  has also screened at the National At-Risk Education Network (NAREN) in Baltimore, The National Conference of Teachers of English in Atlanta, the National Network for Educational Renewal in Chico CA, the Progressive Education Network Biannual Conference in NYC, and the New England Philosophy of Education Society in New Britain CT.  Noted Educator Geralyn Bywater McLaughlin, Director of Defending the Early Years, presented portions of the film as part of OMEP FILMedia at the National Association for the Education of Young Children Annual Conference, and Fairtest’s Monty Neill presented a clip at the Network for Public Education Conference.